Bite of Montreal in Vancouver: Poutine and Bagels

In a city known for its international cuisine, including my personal favorites of Japanese izakaya and ramen and Chinese restaurants in nearby Richmond worthy of Hong Kong, I've come across really tasty examples of not local (i.e., Northwest) food but grub transplanted from Montreal. No doubt you've heard of poutine, the Québécois fast-food combination of French fries, cheese curds and gravy. At... Continue Reading →

La Bodega Restauranté (Vancouver, BC)

The venerable La Bodega has been serving Spanish cuisine since 1971. In a city that doesn't have many Spanish restaurants, the quality of the food remains good, though nothing we had could be described as extraordinary. The place is dark, as seems to be the case in most Spanish restaurants we've ever been. A good... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Sala Thai (Vancouver, BC)

Several years ago, we stumbled on a Thai restaurant on our way to another restaurant. The thought of Thai food sounded good right then, so we changed our plans and decided to eat there. We were impressed with the quality of the dishes we ordered, especially their gai hor bay toey (marinated chicken thighs wrapped... Continue Reading →

Japadog (Vancouver, BC)

There's something incongruous about the term Japanese hot dog. I mean, do they actually eat this stuff over there? I know they must if some of the winners of the Coney Island Hot Dog contest have been Japanese. Okay, that's one thing. But to have the Japanese open up a hot dog stand? When first... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Sawa (Vancouver, BC)—CLOSED

For lunch in the Granville Market area, we wanted to eat at Go Fish, but (being Monday) it was closed. A highly regarded Afghan restaurant, just on the outskirts of Granville Island, was also closed. A sushi shop next door was too humid inside, so we went up the street and came across Sawa Tea... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Stepho’s (Vancouver, BC)

Even before it opens, Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna has a long line of customers waiting to get in. No reservations are taken, so you never know when you'll get seated. The reason for the popularity is the Greek food, lots of it for the money. In particular, the roast lamb is what brings many customers... Continue Reading →

Sala Thai (Vancouver, BC)

On our way over to Gyoza King to have their shio salmon chazuke, we noticed Sala Thai on Burrard. On the spur of the moment, we made a choice to go there instead. What good fortune, because we came away from the restaurant having tasted one of the best things we've ever had at a... Continue Reading →

Seawall (Vancouver, B.C.)

One of the best nature walks you can take in Vancouver is along the Seawall, a 22-km path that passes by stunning views of the ocean and the city, built to protect the coastline from erosion caused by the many marine vessels that ply the First Narrows. Though its S-shaped path stretches from Kitsilano Beach... Continue Reading →

Bin 941 Tapas Parlour (Vancouver, BC)

Since its opening in 1998, Bin 941 has been wowing its customers and critics alike with its approach to tapas-style dining, Pacific Northwest-style. The emphasis is on sharing small plates, a formula that worked so well that other Vancouver restaurants started to adopt the trend. Our good friends took us here several years ago because... Continue Reading →

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