Sala Thai (Vancouver, BC)

On our way over to Gyoza King to have their shio salmon chazuke, we noticed Sala Thai on Burrard. On the spur of the moment, we made a choice to go there instead. What good fortune, because we came away from the restaurant having tasted one of the best things we’ve ever had at a Thai restaurant.

From their specialty list, we ordered chicken in pandanus leaves (gai hor bai toey). Boned chicken thighs are marinated in a secret garlic sauce, shaped into little drumettes, then tightly wrapped in pandanus leaves and deep-fried. They’re served on a bed of very finely shredded cabbage and come with a sweet dipping sauce. How can I sing their praises? The leaves protect the chicken from getting too oily; they essentially steam in their own juices and marinade. Not only was the presentation marvelous, but the first bite into these tender morsels, exploding with flavor, was enough to forswear my allegiance to any other Thai restaurant.

Gai hor bai toey (Chicken in pandanus leaves)

Their pad see iew was also excellent. Based on these two dishes alone, we are sure to return. Also intriguing on the menu was a steamed mussel dish with basil and a house chili sauce, all served in a clay pot. The ambiance was also very nice, very Thai.

Pad see ieuw

Sala Thai
102-888 Burrard St. Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1X9

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