Lunch at Sawa (Vancouver, BC)—CLOSED

For lunch in the Granville Market area, we wanted to eat at Go Fish, but (being Monday) it was closed. A highly regarded Afghan restaurant, just on the outskirts of Granville Island, was also closed. A sushi shop next door was too humid inside, so we went up the street and came across Sawa Tea Lounge, a Japanese restaurant that specializes in tea and donburi. We were meant to find this place. I don’t normally choose donburi at a Japanese restaurant, but today I did.

My soboro chicken donburi was absolutely wonderful. The rice, perfectly cooked, was infused with a superb dashi sauce that dribbled down from the minced chicken and egg topping. The scrambled egg was perfectly cooked, not dry but moist and full of flavor. I just sat there and savored every bite. I haven’t had such a donburi in a very long time.

Soboro chicken donburi

My wife had the cold soba noodle special. The noodles were made with green tea and the salad on top was dressed with an excellent ginger vinaigrette.

Cold soba noodles

While we still want to have a meal at Go Fish, it would not bother us in the least to come back here.

Sawa Tea Lounge (** NOW CLOSED **)
1538 W 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J1H2

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