California Praying Mantis

There was a lot of excitement outside among family members. They discovered a praying mantis (Stagmomantis californiica) working its way along the driveway. One of us managed to relocate it to a shrub in the backyard where it would have a better opportunity to be the beneficial predator that it’s meant to be.


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  1. I have not looked at your wonderful Photography and I loved the picture of the Praying Mantis and all of the flowers. I am going to try Max’s in Issaquah. We used to go to the village theatre and eat at the Finn their food is very fine too. I hope you both are having fun with your
    family and the Zoo. and did you go to the Aquarium at Monterey. Jim and I liked the Seahorses and everything. Thanks again for all the great stuff. Shay


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