Rooster Sriracha Popcorn

It had to happen. Likely the fastest growing condiment in the U.S. had to find its way into a popular snack. POP! Gourmet Popcorn, manufactured in Kent, Washington, near where I live, now offers popcorn flavored with Huy Fong Foods’ ubiquitous sriracha sauce. I found the bag at an Asian supermarket in San Gabriel, CA. The bag has the familiar green and roasted chile red colors that identify the bottle. At least one other sriracha popcorn has been made before, but none using ‘rooster sauce,’ as Huy Fong’s product is familiarly called.

The popcorn doesn’t suggest the famous sauce. It has very little vinegary tartness or garlickiness, though it does have a four-alarm spicy kick. I would be hard-pressed to identify rooster sauce if I tasted the snack blind. For me, the popcorn fails to capture the essence of the sauce, though it’ll appeal to chileheads as a spicy munch.

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