Malasadas at Super Six

The malasada is a must-eat in Hawaii. The dessert is just as popular on the islands as the doughnut on the mainland, if not more so. I could easily forego the other foods of Hawaii (with the exception of poké), but not malasadas. Their defining characteristics vis-à-vis doughnuts are their relative crispiness and eggier texture, but otherwise these yeasty superfoods go down with coffee just as easily. They come either plain or filled (with some sort of custard) and are simply dusted with sugar. If you’ve read my Hawaii posts, you’ll know that I love Leonard’s Bakery because their malasadas are the best. I personally am fond of their filled ones. No trip to Honolulu would be complete without at least one visit to Leonard’s.

In the Seattle area, a few restaurants make these pastries. I’ve not had anything close to Leonard’s quality, but neither have I actively sought them out. Yesterday, my wife and I had lunch with friends at Super Six, the newest addition to the Marination family, located in Columbia City. Since the chain is known for its fusion of Hawaiian-Asian-Mexican foods, it isn’t so surprising that malasadas should appear on all Super Six menus (except happy hour). Two of the lunch entreés were agreeable (Chinese Chicken SaladPork Katsu Sandwich), but the pastry was quite good (☆☆☆). Made-to-order (it took about 15-20 minutes to get), the malasada was served piping hot, sprinkled with lots of granulated sugar and shaped like a sphere slightly flattened. If you want a filling, choices are limited to coconut or Nutella. The outer part of the puff was very crispy, the inside tender and eggy. At $2.50 for plain ($4 for filled), they aren’t as economical as Leonard’s nor are they as memorable, but they’ll do nicely when I crave them. And another thing, at dinnertime Super Six has lilikoi chiffon pie that is the pride and joy of Kauai.

Super Six
3714 S. Hudson St.
Seattle, WA 98118

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