Malasadas at Tex’s Drive-In (Honoka’a, HI)

The word is that Tex’s Drive-In has the best malasadas on the Big Island. We were only a short distance away from where we started on our guided tour down to the Waipio Valley. There’s more here than Portuguese donuts: breakfasts (including Hawaiian-style), burgers, musubi, salads, loco moco, and Hawaiian plates. Our Bavarian cream and mango malasadas came hot from the oven. Inevitably, comparisons must be made to Leonard’s, and both my wife and I gave the nod to Leonard’s. Their dough is lighter and they have more fillings, Tex’s only having a half dozen. Still, the malasadas there are no slouch. The Bavarian cream is justifiably their most popular.

Tex’s Drive In
45-690 Pakalana St #19 (Highway 19, mile marker 43)
Honoka’a, HI 96727
(808) 775-0598

3 thoughts on “Malasadas at Tex’s Drive-In (Honoka’a, HI)

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  1. Although the fillings sound great, we always get them plain. In the last couple of weeks, we have run into a malasada truck twice. They call themselves Hawaiian Donuts. We have not tried them because the malasadas are tiny and sitting cold and over-priced. The staff didn’t seem to be Hawaiian either.


  2. I visited Tex’s drive inn last week. I am from Atkinson, Nebraska. I loved your malasafas. I love to bake. Anyway could I get a recipe?


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