Late Lunch at Harmon Brewery (Tacoma, WA)

After the high-calorie dim sum meal at Jade Garden this morning, we weren’t very hungry even in mid-afternoon. We walked up and down Pacific Avenue during a respite from the Washington State History Museum to find a place to have a quick bite. Nothing appealed to us until we came across Harmon Brewery that was about to offer happy hour in just a few minutes (3pm).


The happy hour menu advertised all Harmon beers and house wines for $3 and a range of nibbles from salads, nachos, sandwiches and more.

The brewery crafts several styles of beer, including the Expedition Amber Ale that I ordered. It was hoppy, smooth and amber-colored, a pretty good brewski.

We split a Caesar salad and, get this, BONELESS chicken wings. The salad was serviceable (☆☆½), not particularly memorable. Recently, my wife read or overheard somewhere that young adults nowadays don’t like handling chicken wing bones. Really? Heaven knows, there are plenty of young adults at UW Tacoma next door. This no doubt was the impetus for inventing this hybrid thing called boneless chicken wings. The “wings” were actually something akin to chicken tenders made into wing shapes, battered and fried. Chicken skin, which may be another reason why some people may shun them, was nowhere in sight or bite. But the batter was generous and, to the restaurant’s credit, quite crunchy. The buffalo wings we ordered were nicely slathered with, not Tabasco, but probably the milder Frank’s hot sauce. When all was said and done, whatever-you-want-to-call them were pretty good (☆☆☆) if you don’t think of them as real wings. I was pleasantly surprised.

Caesar salad
Caesar salad
Boneless buffalo chicken wings
Boneless buffalo chicken wings

Harmon Brewery
1938 Pacific Ave S
Tacoma, WA 98402

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