Chicken Wings in Black Bean Sauce

I love the funky savoriness of Chinese fermented black beans (douchi). I also love chicken wings. No big surprise then that I love them together. Rather than packaged, loose black beans (which need to be swirled in water and drained several times), for convenience I use the Master brand of fermented black beans bottled in oil. I find other prepared black bean... Continue Reading →

Big Things Come in Small Packages: Pop Pop Thai Street Food

It's a reality that in the U.S., it's hard to find street food. You know, when you can buy locally prepared food from street vendors or carts that specialize in a single item (or two). The closest we've come to it are the hot dog or ice cream carts, but they're few and far between, certainly not part of a crowded phalanx of... Continue Reading →

Kukai Ramen Revisited

Whither the new ramen restaurants? Maybe we're victims of the digital age where rumors and hype of restaurant openings hit the fan so far in advance that when they finally do open, it's almost a non-event. Since last fall, Seattle rameniacs have been waiting for the opening of two high-profile restaurants—Shibumi and Jinya. We're still... Continue Reading →

Late Lunch at Harmon Brewery (Tacoma, WA)

After the high-calorie dim sum meal at Jade Garden this morning, we weren't very hungry even in mid-afternoon. We walked up and down Pacific Avenue during a respite from the Washington State History Museum to find a place to have a quick bite. Nothing appealed to us until we came across Harmon Brewery that was... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Huê Ký Mì Gia (Kent, WA)

Despite the name's association with businesses Chinese, especially with 99 Ranch Market its anchor store, The Great Wall Shopping Mall in Kent also houses restaurants of other Asian nationalities. There are Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese restaurants inside, besides Chinese ones. Among them is a Vietnamese, or more accurately, a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant, Húe Ký Mì Gia, that also calls... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Wolf Creek Bar & Grill (Sun Mountain Lodge, Winthrop, WA)

Sharing the same kitchen as the excellent dining room at Sun Mountain Lodge would seem to bode well for Wolf Creek Bar & Grill. But the chef who oversees the fine restaurant likely has nothing to do with the bar & grill. While the food we had here was not terrible, it was pretty much... Continue Reading →

Osechi Ryori (New Year’s food)

Today is New Year's Day. Like every year, the family can relax and enjoy each other's company, watch some BCS bowl games and—let's get down to it—eat the food that we've labored all day yesterday to prepare. Somehow, in a small kitchen, everything gets made, the only things done elsewhere being teriyaki chicken wings and chashu (char... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Pestle Rock (Seattle, WA)

We're fortunate in the Seattle metropolitan area that a large number of Asian restaurants have opened in the last, say, 20 years, one of the definite perks of living in a large city on the West Coast. Among the many ethnic varieties, a new Thai restaurant seems to be opening every week. Just last week,... Continue Reading →

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