Dinner at Wolf Creek Bar & Grill (Sun Mountain Lodge, Winthrop, WA)

Sharing the same kitchen as the excellent dining room at Sun Mountain Lodge would seem to bode well for Wolf Creek Bar & Grill. But the chef who oversees the fine restaurant likely has nothing to do with the bar & grill. While the food we had here was not terrible, it was pretty much standard tavern fare.

To its credit, there were half a dozen beers on tap, including the fine Icicle Dirtyface Amber and the middling High 5 Hefeweizen.

The Mediterranean Plate (☆☆) was poorly executed, the components gathered together like an afterthought. It doesn’t take much to cut carrot and celery sticks, scoop out a few Kalamata olives from a jar and slice up some pita bread. The stuffed grape leaves (dolmades) were filled with mushy, bland rice. And the hummus was so thick, you could stick a spoon in it without the utensil falling over. That wasn’t all. The hummus had no detectable tahini paste or much lemon juice. I guarantee this would not pass muster on the dining room side.

Mediterranean plate
Mediterranean plate

The Caesar salad (☆☆½) fared better. The dressing only suffered from a light hand with the lemon juice. Otherwise, nice garlic croutons and restrained garlic and anchovy flavors were present.

Caesar salad
Caesar salad

Crispy chicken wings (☆☆☆½) were clearly the best thing we ordered—a crunchy batter, balanced sweet and savory barbecue sauce, and a tasty cilantro ranch dressing.

Crispy chicken wings
Crispy chicken wings

We did overhear another waitress informing her customer that the chicken curry soup was a lodge specialty and has been served for over 20 years. Next time.

Our experience and that of many other reviewers seem to indicate that an upgrade in the menu items is in order to equal the rest of the lodge experience. The wait staff, as is true of the entire Sun Mountain Lodge personnel, is very friendly.

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