Humane Execution

While enjoying margaritas and chips & salsa at Carlos 1800 Mexican Grill in Winthrop, we noticed what looked like pine needles sitting in containers of soapy water. Surely the restaurant wasn’t using them for botanical decoration, was it? Our waiter informed us that it was their way of safely controlling the wasp population that had been getting out of hand, going so far as stinging customers. Rather than having harmful chemicals lying about or using bug zappers, they soak these bundles of needles in a solution of 7-Up and detergent. The sweet liquid gets absorbed by the needles and pine pollen. It’s all a wasp can do to avoid eating the pollen to which it is attracted. The deadly solution attacks the nervous system, so the waiter said. The bug either drops into the liquid on the spot and drowns or dies elsewhere if it flies away. Simple and natural. Anyone else here of this?

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