Sky Tower (Auckland, NZ)

Sky Tower

At 382 meters (1,076ft), it’s hard not to miss Sky Tower, the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand. Today, there was a good deal on admission, so we rode the glass elevator to the observation platform, 192m straight up. The view of Auckland was breathtaking from there. The tower reminded us of the Space Needle back at home in Seattle, on a bigger scale.

View of Auckland from observation deck

For a price, you can partake of other thrills, like base-jumping off the tower (SkyJump), tethered to wires, or walking outside around the perimeter (SkyWalk) on a 1.2m-wide open platform, also tethered to wires in full-body suits from above.

For NZ $225, you can base-jump straight down 192m.

If you’re in Auckland often, you’re not likely to visit this attraction more than once—unless, of course, you’re a daredevil.

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