Dinner at Homeworld BBQ Restaurant (Auckland, NZ)

After visiting the Sky Tower, we decided to have dinner on our way back to the hotel. While walking along Wellesley, we came across Homeworld BBQ Restaurant.  The menu posted outside seemed interesting, so we ventured inside. At around 5pm, there weren’t any other customers. We decided to stay and eat. The experience was good.

Eggplant, salted fish and pork mince casserole pleased us with its very good flavors. As we discovered in eating out in NZ in the winter, there isn’t much Asian produce available, so restaurants have to use whatever is on hand. There were straw mushrooms and baby corn, both available canned. I’m looking at the dish and I’m thinking, there’s no green, except for a few sliced green onions. Cilantro is practically an essential garnish on Asian dishes back home, but the season here precluded its addition. In the end, it mattered little; though oily, this was a very good entrée.

Eggplant, salted fish and pork mince casserole

Chicken and shiitake, served in a clay pot vessel, topped steamed rice, which developed a nice crusty bottom from the high heat. In not untypical style, the chicken pieces were cleaved through the bone. My wife is not fond of eating chicken or any other meat prepared in this way as bits of bone tend to get in your mouth. Nevertheless, the dish was very good, mixed with meaty shiitake and cabbage in a flavorful sauce.

Chicken and shiitake on rice clay pot

Homeworld BBQ Restaurant
34 Wellesley St West
Auckland, New Zealand 1010
9 369 1238

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