Zippy’s (multiple locations on Oahu)

Serving since 1966, Zippy’s is a fast-food chain restaurant that operates mainly on Oahu and has a reputation for having solid, if not memorable Hawaiian food. Our local Japanese supermarket in the Seattle area (Uwajimaya) carries its chilis in the freezer section. A friend of ours who has a condo in Waikiki tries to purchase a chocolate dobash cake every time she goes. Whether she eats it all herself, only she knows. As we concluded a visit to Foster Botanical Garden, we noticed a Zippy’s down the street. Inside it looks no different than any other coffee shop or fast-food restaurant, but the menu has distinctive Hawaiian touches as well as standard fare.

We had the saimin, Korean chicken and cold somen salad, serviceable food at good prices. On the minus side, the chicken was served with reheated frozen veggies. Our local Japanese supermarket (Uwajimaya) in the Seattle area carries Zippy’s chilis (both with and without meat). All I can say is that they must appeal to Hawaiian taste buds. They certainly don’t do anything for me.

59 North Vineyard Boulevard
Honolulu, HI


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