Manoa Falls (Honolulu)

A hike through lush rainforest is the one to Manoa Falls, about 1½ miles from the bus stop to a viewing area of the falls. At the foot of the trailhead is a parking lot where a snack shop also was selling mosquito repellent. We decided to take our chances. As soon as we started the hike, we were beset by the tiny buzzers, so we hightailed it back to the shop and swallowed our pride.

The hike itself is easy, gaining elevation gradually, but recent rains made the path very muddy. Boardwalks on portions of the path helped. In many places, exposed tree roots will force you to consider where you plant your feet. Along the way, there are many flowers and plants, giant ferns, mosses, wild guava trees, bamboo forests, and more. The falls, 150 feet tall, are not approachable beyond a protective fence, where a sign warns of danger beyond.

In all, the hike is a pleasant one when the weather is nice and rewards hikers with many visual splendors.

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