Nu’uanu Pali State Wayside Park

Nu’uanu Pali Wayside overlooks windward Oahu

A spectacular way to get from Honolulu to windward Oahu is State Hwy 61 (Pali Highway) through a pass over the Ko’olau mountain range. There is an overlook near the ridge where you can get a sweeping view of the northeastern side of Oahu.

The winds are strong up here, sometimes so strong that you can literally lean into it. The trade winds from the windward side blow through the pass and, by virtue of the Venturi effect, pick up speed and strength on its way toward Honolulu.

The bloodiest battle in Hawaiian history was also fought here when in 1795 Kamehameha’s forces landed on Oahu from Hawaii and conquered Kalanikupule near this lookout. Soon afterward, Kamehameha became the first king of the Hawaiian Islands.


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