Mesa Verde National Park (CO)

You hear a lot about the Southwest's ancient cliff dwellings and wonder what they are about. What possessed the builders to create these permanent and elaborate structures in such inaccessible places? We ventured out to the most famous complex of them all, Mesa Verde National Park, to look at them first hand. To see these... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Red Lion Restaurant (Boulder, CO)

My wife had a conference in Denver, so I tagged along. A colleague of hers, who grew up in Boulder, took us to the Red Lion Restaurant (not associated with the hotel chain), just outside Boulder in Boulder Canyon. Their specialty is wild game. On the friend's suggestion, three of us ordered the Steak Diane,... Continue Reading →

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison, CO)

Nestled between two immense sandstone monoliths, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an acoustically perfect venue for concerts of all kinds. It seats over 9,000 people, has sponsored entertainment since its completion in 1936, and rises high enough that the Denver skyline can easily be seen. Acoustics aside, the area is an impressive geological wonder, so much... Continue Reading →

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