Breakfast at Marination Ma Kai (Seattle)

As soon as you step off the water taxi at Seacrest Park, Marination Ma Kai is directly in front of you, slightly to the right. It's hard to miss since it's the only building on the dock. The two women (Kamala Saxton, who hails from Hawaii, and Roz Edison) responsible for this restaurant first began... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Rainbow Drive-In (Honolulu, HI)

One of the island's favorite foods is loco moco, a fried ground beef patty served over two scoops of rice, all smothered in brown gravy and topped with two fried eggs. Personally, I find very little to get excited about basically a hamburger without the bun, even with gravy and rice. But, we were standing... Continue Reading →

Portuguese Sausage and Eggs at Eggs ‘N Things (Honolulu, HI)

One of our favorite breakfast spots in Waikiki is Eggs 'n Things. It also happens to be hugely popular with Japanese tourists who easily could make up over 75 percent of the clientele. Last time, we got seated within 15 minutes after we arrived just before 8. Thinking I had discovered the secret, my wife... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Island Grill (Bellevue, WA)

We were excited to learn that a Hawaiian restaurant opened on the Eastside recently. When she was running an errand at Crossroads Mall last week, my wife first noticed it, now in the space previously occupied by Jones' BBQ and then Burney's BBQ. So far, I haven't found a satisfactory Hawaiian restaurant in the Greater... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Hawaiian Sun BBQ (Everett, WA)

On our way home from Vancouver, we were driving through Everett at lunchtime. We stopped at Hawaiian Sun BBQ based on a recommendation from friends. It sits in a strip mall that happens to also have one of my favorite Thai restaurants (Spice of Thai) that I used to frequent when I worked in Everett... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Aloha Ramen (Seattle, WA)

For dinner, we went to Aloha Ramen in the Greenwood neighborhood. The owners are from Hawaii, though they both are originally from Japan. The waitresses all were Japanese. The husband apparently trained as a chef. Aloha has been getting good reviews in the local rags and on Yelp. My tonkatsu tan tan mein was disappointing.... Continue Reading →

Shrimp Wars: Giovanni’s vs. Fumi’s (Kahuku, HI)

The usual money on the North Shore shrimp trucks is on Giovanni’s, which started the phenomenon back in the 1960s by offering fresh shrimp (from their own farm) cooked in olive oil, butter and garlic and served with two scoops of rice (what else!). Since then, there have been many imitators, some who have their... Continue Reading →

Leonard’s (Honolulu)

Among the island’s favorite pastries are Portuguese malasadas. Leonard’s is generally regarded as Oahu’s best, and for good reason. Our visit here last year hooked us. My favorite malasadas are those filled with custard. Why are they so good? First of all, they are served warm out of the oven. Their yeasty shell is slightly crispy on... Continue Reading →

Poke Stop (Waipahu, HI)

The Waipahu Poke Stop is in the middle of an enormous shopping center, those maddening strip mall/village hybrids that meander over acres, making it almost impossible to find any particular store. What an odd place to set up shop for a chef who trained under Alan Wong, Emeril Lagasse and Sam Choy. But, it’s a... Continue Reading →

Gulick Delicatessen (Honolulu, HI)

Hawaiian plate lunch diners serve all sorts of local staples that are islanders’ version of comfort food. They are believed to have originated in the sugar cane fields when workers used to take rice, leftovers and pickled vegetables for lunch. Eventually, food trucks began serving these lunches to the workers, a role that such trucks... Continue Reading →

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