How to Keep Berries (and Other Produce) Fresh

The tendency for most of us is to keep produce in the bags or containers in which we bring them home from the market. I mean, who wants to fuss with fruits and vegetables when they're ready to be put away, right? Over the years, all I did was transfer produce from shopping bag to... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Cilantro Fresh Forever

Ever tire of cilantro becoming slimy and black after only a few days in the fridge? Here's a tip for keeping them fresh forever. Maybe not forever, but certainly much longer than one has a right to expect. I've successfully kept cilantro alive and fresh for two weeks until all of it was gone, an... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Zoomeboshi Tuna Sandwich

I like savory sandwiches, which you're no doubt thinking is a preference of most people. I say this only because tuna sandwiches are oftentimes too sweet, a result of a heavy hand with relish. Yet, a tuna sandwich without some relish seems a bit one-dimensional. Over the years, I've developed a recipe that suits me... Continue Reading →

Why This Little Problem at Trader Joe’s?

I am a big fan of Trader Joe's. It's my go-to store when I go shopping. Why? Because they have great values, no sale prices to worry about, have an increasing inventory of organic foods at excellent prices, and amazing variety for a store of its size. Furthermore, very few of their products have artificial... Continue Reading →

My Father-in-Law’s Fruit Trees

The fruit trees in the backyard of my father-in-law's house are cheerful reminders that we are in southern California. In late December, when my wife and I go there to celebrate the holiday season, the citrus and persimmon trees are already full of fruit, ready to be picked. My father-in-law used to dry lots of... Continue Reading →

Making of the New Year Tamales

For osechi-ryori, many Japanese American families living in the eastern part of the Los Angeles area have adopted the making of tamales. My wife's family is no exception, having lived in Lincoln Heights, an Hispanic enclave, for a long time before moving to the San Gabriel Valley. For a festival whose food has long ago... Continue Reading →

Yamaki Jozo Soy Sauce

It has been several years now that I converted to low-sodium soy sauce. Not for health reasons but for the simple fact that regular soy sauce seemed much too salty. The brand that I've settled on is Kikkoman's Milder Soy Sauce, made in Japan. Kikkoman's Less Sodium Soy Sauce, made in Wisconsin, is not nearly... Continue Reading →

Chile Reception: Huy Fong Gets Burned

Millions of people love it. Taystee, a character in Netflix's made-for-TV drama, "Orange Is the New Black," wanted it for the prison. It's everywhere. From the looks of it, this condiment is almost as ubiquitous as ketchup, even appearing in non-Asian restaurants and doubtless millions of homes. Huy Fong Foods' sriracha sauce, more familiarly known... Continue Reading →

Ramen Burgers: What’s the Beef?

"Want ground beef and cheese with your ramen?" This question you don't ever expect to hear at a ramen restaurant. At least, for now anyway. But can it be that far behind when the latest craze of Japanifying popular American food is the ramen burger? Yep, that's right, a ground beef patty sandwiched between two... Continue Reading →

Mutual Fish Company’s Kasuzuké Gindara

One of the tastiest preparations in Japanese cooking is grilled seafood that has been marinated in sakékasu, or saké lees, the yeasty rice solids and precipitates that get left behind after the saké gets pressed out. The kasu is combined with other ingredients to make a paste, which is applied as a marinade on seafood, meat... Continue Reading →

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