Recipe: Zoomeboshi Tuna Sandwich

I like savory sandwiches, which you’re no doubt thinking is a preference of most people. I say this only because tuna sandwiches are oftentimes too sweet, a result of a heavy hand with relish. Yet, a tuna sandwich without some relish seems a bit one-dimensional. Over the years, I’ve developed a recipe that suits me just fine. It has one surprising ingredient which I borrowed from popcorn enthusiasts. That ingredient is nutritional yeast, whose glutamic acid boosts the salad’s savoriness. The allium bite of minced onions likewise appeals to me. I prefer the sandwich open-faced on lightly toasted bread.

tuna sandwich

1  7.5-oz. canned albacore tuna, drained
2  tbsp. minced onion
1  tsp. sweet relish
1  tsp. nutritional yeast
3  tbsp. mayonnaise, or to taste (I like a creamier consistency)
Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
3-4  lightly toasted white bread, cooled

Combine first six ingredients together in a bowl until it reaches the desired consistency. Spread tuna salad on toasts and serve.

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