Nosh: Seattle’s Best Fish & Chips, Bar None

It was a year ago almost to the day that my wife declared the fish and chips served by Nosh as the best ever she’s had in the States. When I sampled the fish, I couldn’t have agreed more. The thing is, Nosh is a food truck and the venue was the Crossroads Food Truck Snackdown. Since then, accolades have been piling up for Nosh, including an endorsement by the Seattle Times as the best chippy in town. Similar praise came from other publications.

Today, we happened to be in the Westlake Center area in downtown Seattle when we saw Nosh among a few other trucks in the plaza outside.

nosh - 1

The fish and chips is made in the British-style, which as far as I can gather means mild white fish coated in a light, thin batter made from flour, beer, water and seasonings and served in a newspaper cone over thick-cut fries.

Nosh’s batter, made with a local microbrew’s pilsner, is very thin and crispy, sprinkled lightly with sea salt, a far cry from the thick and oily batters that are more common these days. The star though is the almost foot-long Pacific cod that flakes apart so easily and is so moist that it seems caught only hours before. Couple the fish with an excellent tartar sauce and perfectly cooked, thick-cut fries that likely have been double-fried. A side of very good minted peas is also included. The fish and chips (☆☆☆☆) are decidedly superior to what I’ve had at any other restaurant, stand or truck, including Ivar’s, Spuds, Wally’s and Nordstrom Cafe. The only thing faux about the entrée is the ‘newspaper’ in which it’s served, a clever reproduction on parchment paper.

Nosh has Seattle’s best fish and chips—bar none.

(Update: 6-13-16) With fish and chips so good, it would be easy not to order anything else. Nosh shows up in Bellevue every Monday at the downtown Barnes & Noble parking lot. (Validated parking for 1 hour.) At the noon hour, every truck in the pod was busy with customers, some who drove here, most who walked over from their nearby workplace. Even when Nosh’s line is ten deep, it doesn’t take long to get your food. Obviously, the two-person crew inside has the process down pretty well. Today, I decided to give another entrée a try—meatloaf sandwich. I’ll say this, if it weren’t for the fish, this sandwich could easily bring Nosh accolades on its own. I have yet to try Seattle fried rabbit and roasted bone marrow, Nosh’s other unusual menu items.

The meatloaf is a tasty combination of pork and beef. The patty is somewhat soft, which I would have preferred to have a little more toothy substance. But it’s paired with sweet roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, arugula, dressed with aioli and served on a toasted potato roll. What great flavors! The side of braised red cabbage is quite good, too. This is an a very good sandwich (☆☆☆½).

Nosh's meatloaf sandwich
Nosh’s meatloaf sandwich

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