Comida Reimagined: Greenbridge Cafe

I don’t usually go to White Center, a Seattle neighborhood, to get a bite to eat. That’s because the drive over there from the Eastside can charitably be described as convoluted. There is no easy freeway access, toward the tail end a series of twists and turns through a light industrial area before finally arriving at White Center. Fortunately, friends of ours were willing to drive. We went to have a late lunch at Greenbridge Cafe, located in what is currently a mixed-income neighborhood (called Greenbridge) of relatively new apartments and townhomes. The cafe oddly sits alone in the neighborhood with no other apparent shops or restaurants nearby.

At 2:30pm, we were the only patrons. I don’t know what the normal lunch and dinner patronage is like, but I get the feeling that the area doesn’t get a whole lot of foot traffic. The four of us ordered from both the brunch and regular menu.


Chorizo hash, from the brunch menu, typifies what the kitchen is aiming for, bistro-style dishes many of which use ingredients of Mexican cooking. Instead of corned or roast beef and bell peppers, chopped chorizo and roasted chiles combined with nicely browned homes fries for a very good south-of-the-border interpretation (☆☆☆½). These weren’t typical Mexican-style ground pork chorizos either, but chunks of roasted beef and pork with a lively chili powder and vinegar flavor. On top was an easy-over fried egg.

Chorizo hash
Chorizo hash

The remaining three entrées were ordered from the regular menu. Flatbreads here are shaped like rectangular planks, on the thicker side, more like pizza than, say, a cracker-like, unleavened bread. One is topped with grilled vegetables, another more Mediterranean in execution. The third, most interesting-sounding one, is called chicken poblano (☆☆☆). It was top-heavy but very flavorful with smoked bacon, jack cheese and poblano purée and drizzled with crema.

Chicken poblano
Chicken poblano

Instead of Cuban bread roll, telera bread holds the Cuban pork sandwich (☆☆☆) together. There was no Swiss cheese in an otherwise standard filling of ham, lightly smoked pork and dill pickles, mixed with a Dijon mustard aioli. The sandwich comes with soup-of-the-day, which happened to be a French onion (☆☆½).

Cuban pork sandwich
Cuban pork sandwich

Less successful were the enchiladas suizas (☆☆½), whose overly creamy sauce muted the tomatillo and chile flavors—more Swiss than Mexican. Still, a good sauce. Maybe a little more chicken filling would have helped, too, the enchiladas appearing flattened, seeming more like a happy hour order than a main plate. Furthermore, the chicken pieces were dry. But the whole dish didn’t lack for presentation—a slice of jack cheese jacketed the tortillas, drizzled with crema. A nice lettuce and strawberry salad came on the side.

Enchiladas Suizas
Enchiladas Suizas

The chocolate brownie (☆☆☆½) that I brought home was excellent, deeply chocolate-y. While I prefer my brownies to be dense than fudgey, as this was, this double-chocolate cookie was still darn good.

Kudos to chef Blanca Rodriguez for offering such upscale and tasty fare with great attention given to presentation and detail. There’s no lack of quality ingredients here. But, you have to wonder if the place can make a go of it when there are no other enterprises around to create a vibrant commercial core, a thought shared by our concerned friends who brought us here. Greenbridge Cafe, at the moment at least, seems like a place that needs a more supportive environment.

Greenbridge Cafe
9901 8th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106
(206) 762-3447

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