Comida Reimagined: Greenbridge Cafe

I don't usually go to White Center, a Seattle neighborhood, to get a bite to eat. That's because the drive over there from the Eastside can charitably be described as convoluted. There is no easy freeway access, toward the tail end a series of twists and turns through a light industrial area before finally arriving at... Continue Reading →

Prima Taste Singaporean La Mian Instant Noodles

While browsing through T & T Supermarket in Richmond, B.C., some instant noodles caught my eye. What intrigued me was that they were manufactured in Singapore, by a company called Prima Taste. At C$2.99 each on sale, they were a better bargain when converted to US dollars (about $2.33 at the time). I would discover later when I... Continue Reading →

Seafood Surprise in Issaquah: Fins Bistro

The convenience of having a restaurant attached to a theater is very appealing. Before or after a performance, all you need do is walk a few steps. It's also a bonus when the restaurant is well regarded. No additional driving, no fuss. Fins Bistro happens to be next door to Village Theatre in Issaquah. There is even a... Continue Reading →

Do Kukai, Jinya and Santouka Have the Best Ramen in Seattle?

A Hawaiian food blogger once asked me about Seattle's ramen culture. Knowing how robust it was in Honolulu where the blogger lives, I was apprehensive about answering him. Here was the Seattle area, having as much claim as any big West Coast city to strong economic and cultural ties to Japan, a history of Japanese immigration and community, a... Continue Reading →

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