Has Hawaiian Airlines Misled Customers about Breakfast?

Hawaiian Airlines proudly boasts that it’s the only carrier that serves complimentary meals at mealtime on all its domestic flights. Not only that, the promise is for a meal that is island-inspired. Hawaiian even goes so far as to name its executive chef, Chai Chaowasaree (who helms Pacifica Honolulu in Waikiki), suggestive of a Hawaiian-themed breakfast to Honolulu, yeah? So what did we get?

Am I missing something or does this breakfast look, um, ordinary? What island goodies showed up on the plate? A little bag of milk chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, that’s what. Oh, and a cup of complimentary passionfruit-orange-guava juice from a can. Fresh melons and grapes hardly qualify as tropical fruit. Pre-packaged crackers and cheese? Is this meal the best that Chef Chai could come up with? I didn’t expect first class quality, but at least something to whet my appetite for the island food I was looking forward to, now that my wife and I were headed to Hawaii. The breakfast was as uninspiring as the one we had on Hawaiian Airline’s morning flight from Auckland to Honolulu that I thought was an aberration, but apparently not. Hawaiian’s declaration may very well be true—and for that I should give them more credit—but couldn’t it make more effort to providing morning meals a little more interesting?

I should quit griping because everyone could get a complimentary rum punch just prior to arrival at Honolulu Airport.

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