Bánh mì at 35,000 feet: What’s Wrong with Airline Food?

Why, oh, why? That's what I keep asking myself. Did I have to fork over $7 for a chicken bánh mì that Alaska Airlines was offering for sale on my flight from Los Angeles to Seattle? Maybe I can be excused when Los Angeles International Airport has what must be the crappiest food service options... Continue Reading →

Has Hawaiian Airlines Misled Customers about Breakfast?

Hawaiian Airlines proudly boasts that it’s the only carrier that serves complimentary meals at mealtime on all its domestic flights. Not only that, the promise is for a meal that is island-inspired. Hawaiian even goes so far as to name its executive chef, Chai Chaowasaree (who helms Pacifica Honolulu in Waikiki), suggestive of a Hawaiian-themed breakfast to... Continue Reading →

Airline Food Deconstructed?

I came across this interesting article on an experience that most of us would prefer not to think about too seriously: eating airline food. It posed the question whether it was truly horrible or is it that we expect it to be. It turns out that one big physiological problem to be overcome is the... Continue Reading →

Trans-Pacific Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised in a most unlikely circumstance. Nowadays, you eat a meal on an airplane flight just to help pass the time, to get your mind off the cattle car roundup in the cabin, engine noise, TSA, and the other discomforts of modern-day flight. The last thing I thought I'd ever blog about... Continue Reading →

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