Cinco de Mayo at Ricardo’s Torero (Bellevue, WA)

Cinco de Mayo “celebrations” in the U. S. have largely been co-opted from a national commemoration in Mexico to an excuse for Americans to get loaded with margaritas. And who among us Americans don’t like Mexican food? It wouldn’t surprise me much if Cinco de Mayo were promoted by restaurants here to increase patronage. Regardless, Americans love excuses to party.

Last year, we had lunch at El Tapatio in Bellevue, only to be disappointed that there didn’t seem to be anything specially prepared for the celebration.

Tonight, we decided to try Ricardo’s Torero in the Factoria area. An encouraging sign as we walked through the doors was a cinco de mayo special written on the blackboard, carnitas de res with the works. A lady was stationed at the tortilla machine that churned out flour tortillas, suggesting in my mind that we should opt for these instead of corn.

tortilla machine

I also noticed advertised throughout the dining room that “celebrations” had been going on for five days (since May 1), including a $5.25 house margarita. The complimentary chips and salsa were pretty good, thin and crisp fried tortilla chips and a tangy, mildly spicy tomato-based salsa. With the special margarita pricing, it wasn’t the time to order any with premium tequilas (and Ricardo’s does have a good selection) and special liqueurs. Both the blended and on-the-rocks margaritas were surprisingly good (☆☆☆), possibly the best of any house margarita we’ve had even if they were served in plastic cups. They were not cloyingly sweet as many made with pre-made mixes, and were bracing with limes, even as the nation is facing a lime shortage.

house margarita

The carnitas de res plate was enormous, which we predicted and therefore made sure to split. Slices of beef were sautéed with onions and bell peppers, served with rice and refried beans, a tasty slaw, equally tasty scoop of guacamole and four flour tortillas. The meat had good beef flavor, some of the slices a bit chewy and gristly, otherwise a good entrée (☆☆½). Puffy and gluten-y, the flour tortillas were really quite nice (☆☆☆), almost like a softer naan and equally thick.

Carnitas de Res
Carnitas de Res

fresh flour tortillas

We were pleasantly surprised by our experience here, a cut above the standard Mexican restaurant.

Ricardo’s Torero
4065 Factoria Blvd SE
Bellevue, WA 98006


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