Lunch at Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub (Seattle)

After 4 hours of trekking in warm and humid weather on our urban walk in West Seattle, I was ready for a cold beer. Already 2:00 in the afternoon, we hadn’t yet had lunch, actually nothing since breakfast at Marination Ma Kai at 9am. It wasn’t that we were hungry so much as we needed some refreshment. Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub was recommended by the proprietor of a kids’ clothing consignment store as a good place for a meal, located in an area called West Seattle Junction where many shops and restaurants do business.

Like many taverns, Elliott Bay is dark. Even at 2pm, there were a good number of customers. To the brewery’s credit, it manufactures seven certified-organic beers, all of which were on tap. The gold medal-winning Alembic Pale Ale was a solid brew, their best-selling beer. My No Doubt Stout was dark and smooth with a pronounced coffee flavor.

For lunch, the Luna Weizen Calamari (☆½) was a clear failure. Not only did the batter not adhere, but the calamari itself was not fried quite enough, just past raw, and was not seasoned at all. Normally, well-made fried calamari tastes good on its own, but frequent dipping in the lemon and chipotle aiolis was necessary to give them some semblance of flavor. These were among the worst calamari I can recall ever having had.

Luna Weizen Calamari
Luna Weizen Calamari

On the other hand, my wife’s Tomato Parmesan Soup (☆☆☆½) that was part of the soup and sandwich special was very good. The special salmon sandwich (☆☆) suffered from less than fresh fish, probably previously frozen,  and like the calamari, it was unseasoned, served with cucumber and red onion.

Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub
4720 California Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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