Porcus Maximus

If there is one sure sign that the Issaquah Farmers Market has started in earnest for the season, it’s the silhouette of a familiar food truck when driving past Pickering Farm. Maximus/Minimus has been feeding the faithful for several years running. It draws many customers not only because of the good pulled pork sandwiches but also the whimsically designed truck that looks like an armored pig. I don’t always eat from the truck, but when I do, I enjoy the Maximus pulled pork sandwich, the spicier of the two versions, the other being the Minimus, which is sweeter. One big reason why I like their sandwich is that the sauce is not cloyingly sweet as is often the case with pulled pork. The Maximus (☆☆☆) is essentially a savory sandwich with sweetness derived from fruit juices. The spiciness level is definitely tingly, but if you want to raise the Scoville level, order the Maximus “with some hurt,” basically a sprinkling of ground chile peppers for extra heat.

Maximus Minimus
Maximus/Minimus food truck
Pulled pork sandwich, The Maximus
Pulled pork sandwich, The Maximus with some hurt

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