Personal Food Favorites at the Issaquah Farmers Market

As the season for the Issaquah Farmers Market draws to a close in two weeks, I wanted to write about my favorite food vendors. These are businesses that I consider to be first among equals, so to speak, businesses that sell uncompromisingly good food that I look forward to every time I'm visiting the market. Summertime would not be the same... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring at the Farmers’ Market

It won't be soon enough for summer produce, which will begin to appear in earnest next month. Still, the Issaquah Farmers' Market is drawing customers with spring flowers and vegetables.

Porcus Maximus

If there is one sure sign that the Issaquah Farmers Market has started in earnest for the season, it's the silhouette of a familiar food truck when driving past Pickering Farm. Maximus/Minimus has been feeding the faithful for several years running. It draws many customers not only because of the good pulled pork sandwiches but... Continue Reading →

Peony Season

A sure sign of impending summer is the long-awaited appearance of the peony. It is greatly admired and revered in China and has unofficially been regarded as its national flower. More than ever, peonies have been popping up for sale here in the Seattle area (and I imagine elsewhere). When Costco and Trader Joe's begin... Continue Reading →

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