Breakfast at Lime Caffeteria (Rotorua, NZ)

One of the recommended places to have breakfast in Rotorua is the Lime Caffeteria, only a few blocks from the Rotorua Museum. The interior is sleek, slightly retro. There is an upscale ambience but not stuffy. The wait staff is very friendly, helpful when you have questions.

The coffee here is stellar, served in a stainless steel French press with enough for two servings. It also came with a small square of chocolate fudge, presumably to mix into the coffee if I chose. I popped it into my mouth instead. My wife had her favorite NZ beverage, a flat white.

French press coffee
Flat white

I don’t normally have beans for breakfast, but the Boston Beans sounded good. The beans were perfectly cooked in a tomatoey sauce, slightly sweet, very savory with bits of ham hock and chorizo, and served with bacon and poached egg. Bacon in New Zealand is different from what we Americans are used to. It is cut from the side of the pig (called middle bacon), as opposed to the belly, and not as smoky. It can be quite fatty, which I didn’t mind. The ciabatta toasts went excellently with the beans.

Boston beans

The bacon and egg that my wife ordered were expertly prepared, including a perfect poached egg, served with toasted ciabatta and grilled tomato.

Bacon and poached egg

Lime Caffeteria
1096 Whakaue Street
Rotorua 3010
New Zealand
07 350 2033

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