Dinner at Diego’s (Redmond, OR)

Flatiron steak dinner

Two years ago, when we stayed at the WorldMark in Bend, the receptionist recommended a pub in nearby Redmond called Diego’s Spirited Kitchen, serving fare with a Mexican twist. The waiter at Diego’s back then suggested the flatiron steak, one of their most popular dishes. That turned out to be an excellent choice.

On our return to the restaurant tonight, we both ordered the steak for dinner again. It is a wonderful steak (☆☆☆☆), beefy, tender, bathed in a knock-out sauce reduction and topped with a blue cheese butter. The knife practically glided through it, offering little resistance except for the air between fork and mouth.

Their salsa served with tortilla chips is a very nice version, too.

Margaritas are a house specialty with choices of ten different premium tequilas running the gamut from serviceable to premium. The drinks themselves are as simple as one made with a mix to one made with genuine ingredients (lime juice and orange liqueur) and, of course, tequila of choice. We ordered our ‘ritas blended, but afterward the waiter suggested that we try it on the rocks, which won’t dilute the tequila’s potency and flavor. The wait staff here has been very good both times.

Diego’s Spirited Kitchen
447 SW 6th St
Redmond, OR 97756

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