Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver, BC)

Burrard Inlet faces Kitsilano Beach, with Vancouver skyline in the distance

In the summertime, Kitsilano Beach is very popular with locals who swarm here to sunbathe. There is also an outdoor salt-water pool, the longest in all of Canada. The beach faces Burrard Inlet, across which is a grand view of the Vancouver skyline.

A footpath takes you to Vanier Park to the east, the Burrard Bridge and Granville Island. Along the way, you’ll see several marinas (or is it just one big marina?), which lends credence to the fact that Vancouver boasts more boats per capita than anywhere in Canada.

One of several marinas east of Kits Park

Also along the path are the Vancouver Maritime Museum, Museum of Vancouver, and several impressive examples of public art.

Restored submersible Ben Franklin that made a historic 30-day “drift-dive” along the Gulf Stream (Maritime Museum)
Gate to the Northwest Passage (Vanier Park)

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