Morocco Recapitulation and Final Thoughts

This is my last post on Morocco. The writing material the country provides is inexhaustible because, to me as a Westerner, it's different in ways cultural, linguistic and religious, reasons I find Morocco so fascinating. I'll conclude by writing down some loosely related thoughts and observations that together have contributed to my understanding of what makes... Continue Reading →

Flushing Toilets in the Sahara Desert

We had a choice of sharing a bathroom or having our own. Eh, what? A bathroom in the middle of the Sahara? My wife doesn't mind a simple tent, dirt floors, sleeping in bags and eating out of tin plates, but she'd much prefer to have her own bathroom. So when there was the option... Continue Reading →

Sailing the Ships of the Desert—Camel Trekking in the Sahara

When we planned our Morocco trip, my wife wanted very much to have the experience of riding camels in the Sahara. I liked the idea a lot, too. After all, how often does one get to ride the ships of the desert in their native habitat? On top of that, we chose to stay overnight... Continue Reading →

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