Food Truck Phenomenon: Kogi BBQ

What does a whip-smart, street-wise, Culinary Institute of America Korean-American valedictorian do for an encore? Why, start the most talked-about food truck in America, of course. Roy Choi, head chef of the Kogi BBQ food truck empire, has earned some high-cred awards, including from┬áBon Appetit and Food & Wine magazines. Choi considers himself an LA... Continue Reading →

Tacos at El Maestro del Taco

I've driven past the corner of NE 8th and 156th Ave NE many times in the last year or so and couldn't help but notice a new taco truck parked behind the 76 Station. The reviewers on Yelp, though small in number, were almost unanimous in their praise, a few of them even going so... Continue Reading →

Porcus Maximus

If there is one sure sign that the Issaquah Farmers Market has started in earnest for the season, it's the silhouette of a familiar food truck when driving past Pickering Farm. Maximus/Minimus has been feeding the faithful for several years running. It draws many customers not only because of the good pulled pork sandwiches but... Continue Reading →

Eat the Streets (Honolulu, HI)

You could make a case that the biggest development in American dining trends in the last few years has been the explosion of food trucks. Literally, an explosion. Maybe the weak economy has been somewhat responsible. For a business, it kind of makes sense because you don't have huge capital expenses, can "move" your restaurant... Continue Reading →

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