Wide-Eyed at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

On my photography outings, I've never used a variable wide angle as my only lens. The holiday season was a good excuse to visit Pike Place Market yesterday, which my wife and I would've done last week if it weren't for the freezing temperatures. The closed-in, tight spaces of the market are ideal for wide-angle shots. The summer bounty of... Continue Reading →

Bite of Montreal in Vancouver: Poutine and Bagels

In a city known for its international cuisine, including my personal favorites of Japanese izakaya and ramen and Chinese restaurants in nearby Richmond worthy of Hong Kong, I've come across really tasty examples of not local (i.e., Northwest) food but grub transplanted from Montreal. No doubt you've heard of poutine, the Québécois fast-food combination of French fries, cheese curds and gravy. At... Continue Reading →

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