The 12th Man and Other “Statements”

It was on many homes as we walked through West Seattle, the banner proudly hung from roofs and windows. No doubt this is true all over the region. The Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man flag. Pete Carroll has managed to assemble a young, scrappy, talented team that fans are hoping will take them all the way to the Super Bowl. Hawks mania has reached a fever pitch around here that carries over to the stadium on game day. If there is any doubt, at last Sunday’s game against the 49ers, a Guinness world book record had been set.

12th man banner
12th man banner

On another topic, this was painted on the privacy wall of a property near Alki Point. While I normally hate graffiti, it made me pause and wonder, “When is graffiti art?” or visa versa. It’s almost a parody of the form, as if the artist is challenging us to take sides on his artwork. In the end, I still didn’t care for it, even if I admired the humor.

Is this art or graffiti?
Is this art or graffiti?

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