Getting Lost

I found this post as I was browsing through travel blogs on my WordPress Reader. It expresses, in the end, what travel can be if you let yourself go—or go with the flow. My wife and I did a bit of this in Venice and wished we had more time. With thanks to Niti.

Niti From Boston

IMG_1582Last September, I went to Venice for a weekend with my roommate from Rome. Countless friends had told me that half the fun of the trip would be getting lost in the city and spending the subsequent hours wandering around. Getting lost? Not having a destination? How can that be fun? I thought to myself. Little did I know that it was exactly what I needed.

As a Type A planner by nature, I always needed to know what lay five steps ahead. Then, lo and behold, I encountered this sign. If I went right, it said, I would reach S. Marco Rialto. If I went left, I would reach S. Marco Rialto.

I figured, no matter which way we went, we’d get to S. Marco Rialto. But we kept going in circles. Or zig-zags, or some polygonal path that certainly was not getting us to where we needed to go…

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  1. It is always nice to hear about other people’s travel experiences and find out that all these people who will never cross paths at the same time nevertheless have taken similar ones :)


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