Breakfast at Morning Glory Café (Eugene, OR)

Among the places that popped up when looking for breakfast restaurants on Yelp, Morning Glory was one possibility. What makes it so different was the reason we decided to give it a try; it is a vegan restaurant. We got there just as it was opening up for business, located right around the corner from the Eugene train depot. In fact, we saw at least two customers with rolling suitcase in hand. It’s not always possible to get a healthy meal on the road, let alone one that uses organic ingredients whenever possible. There is even a special monthly organic menu. In a salute to the farm-to-table movement, the menu lists all the local suppliers, all of them in Oregon.

One of Morning Glory’s specialties and a customer favorite is The Fusion (☆☆½), a medley of sautéed tofu, onions and mushrooms, folded into a shell of shredded potatoes and topped with chopped tomatoes and green onions. We asked for the herbed tofu sour cream on the side. What really made this dish a cut above the ordinary was a wonderful combination of herbs and spices. One problem with it was the shell couldn’t maintain its crispiness, the browned potatoes becoming leathery from the filling’s inevitable steaming process. The concept is fun but doomed from the start. Less ambitious but possibly more successful would be The Owl & The Pussycat which substitutes cubed herbed potatoes for the shredded potato shell.

The Fusion
The Fusion

While there are no eggs listed in any menu item, you can order organic free-range eggs for an additional cost, which removes the restaurant from a strict vegan category.


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