Breakfast at Black Bear Diner (Mt. Shasta, CA)

There are many a Black Bear Diner on the West Coast, 59 and counting. Truthfully, we had never heard of the chain before until we were here in Mt Shasta. And, as it turned out, this is where it all started. There is nothing to suggest a franchise except for the sign outside (above) and the menu printed on the inside pages of what looked like an informational newspaper (for mass distribution?). There are also more than the usual number of diner-labeled gift items in a small alcove which implies there might be other outlets. Otherwise, the interior has the look of a local diner or coffee shop.

The waitress told us that their chicken fried steak (☆☆☆) is a customer favorite, so that settled it for us. It was quite possibly the best I’ve had though it must be said the dish is not a usual breakfast choice for me. The steak was wonderfully tenderized and the breading nicely seasoned, crunchy and not in the least greasy. The gravy, which has never impressed me wherever I’ve had it, was adequate enough. Black Bear Diner encourages customer choice, so we opted for country red potatoes and poached eggs, both good. 

Chicken fried steak, country potatoes and poached eggs
Chicken fried steak, country potatoes and poached eggs

The breakfast menu invites return visits. We won’t have to travel to Mt. Shasta for that, because there is one in Federal Way.

A whimsical touch to the diner’s ambience are the wood bears carved out of Washington red cedar.

cedar bear carving

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