Auckland Airport Sandwich Display—or Is This Italy?

Kiwis seem to make food displays a form of art. This was noticeable whether I was in the North or South Island. Pastries, pies, sandwiches, it didn’t matter. I didn’t take real notice until my family and I saw the beautiful displays at Copenhagen Bakery last year. I wasn’t so much interested in the confectionary arrangements as I was with the savory ones. The sandwiches there were so attractively presented that it was tempting to grab one of those rather than their meat pies, which turned out to be so delicious.

Even at Auckland International Airport, I admired the sandwiches at SumoSalad. The only other time sandwich displays made such a visual impact was all over Italy where the marriage of bread and Italian cold cuts is celebrated. But in the interest of sampling something distinctively Kiwi, I got savory pies from another concessionaire (Spotless), this time not so good a decision.

When we return to Auckland airport, it will be a no-brainer.



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