Lunch at Curly’s Bar (Waitomo Caves, NZ)

One of the places recommended for a lunch by the proprietors of Waitomo Caves Guest Lodge was Curly’s Bar, a tavern in the village just a few blocks up the main road. There are quite a few tables inside, likely filled when tourism is in full swing. There are pool tables and an internet café.

We split a Crusty Burger, a splendiferous version of a NZ-style burger: beef patty, steak, tomato slice, lettuce, fried egg, pickled beet (here called beet root), slice of cheddar cheese (here called tasty cheese). The ingredients are over-the-top perhaps, but the burger pleased my mouth.

Crusty Burger

By the way, Crusty is the name of one of the owners, Curly being the other.

Curly’s Bar
Te Anga Rd, Waitomo Village
Waitomo Caves, NZ
07 878 8448

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