Dinner at Sabroso (Rotorua, NZ)

For diners wanting a taste of food from across the ocean, Sabroso offers Latin American cuisine, which not only includes Mexican food but entrées from South America, too. An American ex-pat and his Venezuelan wife own the place. It gets consistently great reviews on the standard NZ food/travel sites. Inside, the space is modest with Latin decoration. For sale, there are bottles of their own homemade hot sauces on each table, a green and two reds.

Our Mexican food craving was satisfied by pork verde, succulent shreds of slow roasted pork, served with black beans, white rice, and a small salad, the verde sauce tasting of tomatillos, onions and garlic.

Pork verde

Perfectly cooked shrimp highlighted Brazilian shrimp stew combined with a tomato sauce tempered by coconut milk, accompanied by white rice and flour tortilla. A tasty dish.

Brazilian shrimp stew
Homemade hot sauces

1184 Haupapa Street
Rotorua, New Zealand
07 349 0591

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