Lunch at The Pepe (Tairua, NZ)

We stopped for lunch in Tairua, a popular resort town with surfing, fishing and diving recreational opportunities. The commercial district is small with a few shops, galleries, an i-Site center and places to eat. We walked past several restaurants before deciding on The Pepe, which serves basic cafe fare: burgers, sandwiches, fried fish, salads, and the like. The cashier recommended The Steak Stack, which he claimed was the restaurant’s most popular sandwich. When I finished it, I could understand why, an eye-fillet (as beef tenderloin is called in NZ) steak sandwiched in a sesame seed roll with sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato slice and caramelized onions, dressed with a red bell pepper (capsicum) and sun-dried tomato sauce. An excellent sandwich.

Steak Stack sandwich

The Pepe
222 Main St
Tairua, NZ 3508
07 864 7774
Lunch menu


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