Lunch at Samurai Bowl (Christchurch, NZ)

The September 2010 earthquake forced the closure of many businesses in Christchurch, many of them for good. This is one of the unfortunate consequences of natural disasters. Imagine how much more magnified the problem was for businesses in Fukushima.

Samurai Bowl was a Japanese restaurant with a popular following, especially among Japanese students studying here. It used to be located on Gloucester Street before being forced to close after the September quake. Eventually, the building in which it was located had to be torn down.

A year later, Samurai Bowl re-opened on Colombo Street in new digs, larger than before, and appears to be as popular as ever.

Though not advertised as such, the special Samurai Bowl is a tonkotsu style of ramen. It isn’t deeply porky or milky as the best examples of the broth, but it has nicely balanced, slightly gingery flavors.

Samural ramen

The miso ramen also had a good broth, its eggy noodles having a wonderful texture.

Not as impressive was spicy miso galbi-don. The generous beef chunks were somewhat chewy and gristly and the donburi was over-sauced.

Spicy miso galbi-don

Other customers had other interesting-looking dishes, some of which are on my radar for the next visit.

Samural Bowl
Shop 5/574 Colombo Street
Christchurch, NZ 8011
03-379 6752

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