Peak 2 Peak (Whistler, BC)

View from the gondola connecting Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains

An acrophobic attraction at Whistler is the Peak 2 Peak, a gondola ride that connects the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, constructed for the benefit of skiers. It takes 11 minutes to cross. The towers at each end span 4.4km (2.7mi) and, at one point, hovers over 1,400ft above Fitzsimmons Creek below, the greatest distance of any lift on record. It also boasts the longest span between two towers in the world at 3km.

Even though it was July, colder than usual temperatures preserved the snow pack at the higher elevations, enough that the hiking trails up there remained closed.

Colder than usual temperatures kept the snow pack on the ground and trails closed

Outside the Whistler Mountain restaurant, there is a large inukshuk made of stone pieces, mounted on a concrete foundation and otherwise not visible from the gondola station.

Inukshuk on Whistler Mountain

The view of the Fitzsimmons mountain range was spectacular from either venue.

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