Breakfast at Eggs ‘N Things (Honolulu, HI)

Portuguese sausage with scrambled eggs and pan-fried potatoes

There are so many Japanese customers at Eggs ‘N Things that the lady taking names at the door for the waiting list speaks fluent nihongo, though she’s obviously a local. In fact, when she handed me the hand-held pager, she gave me instructions in Japanese, obviously not noticing my USC T-shirt. The word was that there is always a line out the door to get seated. While you wait, you can pre-purchase coffee in paper cups, which will be re-filled when you get seated. We arrived a little before 8am, and that is probably a good bit of advice for anyone. Our wait was no more than 15 minutes; we climbed the outside stairway to the second floor where the restaurant actually is located.

Their specialties are the pancakes, waffles and omelets, which can be ordered with a variety of toppings, including a light house-made cream. Pancakes can also be topped with their own coconut or mango syrup. The menu indicates which items are the most popular (ahi & eggs, Portuguese sausage & eggs, minced pork [the pork meaning a choice of sausage, ham, Spam or bacon] & scrambled eggs, sour cream blueberry crepes, mac nut pancakes, etc.). Both of us wanted the Portuguese sausage and eggs, mine with scrambled and pan-fried potatoes, my wife’s with fried eggs and rice. Without question, the sausages were the best we’ve ever eaten anywhere, though it could be that Holiday Bowl’s (in LA) were as good, our memories admittedly having dimmed considerably. Though we asked two separate waiters what brand the restaurant uses, both said, “I have no idea.” Yeah, oh-kay…. My potatoes were mealy on the inside. Next time, I go with rice and scrambled eggs.

Overall, a great place to get breakfast if you’re willing to wait. It’s a cut above the Wailana Coffee House.

Eggs ‘N Things
2464 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu Hawaii 96815

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