Dim Sum at Macky’s (Issaquah, WA)

The dim sum here was good but not enough to prefer going to Jade Garden or Top Gun. Selection of dim sum is more limited than other places. Unless you want just the standard stuff (which does come around in a cart), you have to order from a picture menu, things such as turnip cakes or salt & pepper squid.

In general, the flavors of the dim sum are good, but the kitchen seems to skimp on some ingredients. For example, the lotus leaf sticky rice had a few pieces of lop cheung but nothing else, no shiitake, no chicken.

Sticky rice

The tasty turnip cakes had no discernible dried shrimp and was slightly burnt on the edges.

Turnip cakes

We also ordered Chinese broccoli, which was good enough, though personally I don’t care for oyster sauce as a dressing as it’s just too overpowering and salty. Xiao long bao was okay. Our friends ordered the baked hum bao, which again was tasty enough but the filling was sparse. The dough though was very good, very gluteny.

Baked hum bao

The skins of xiao long bao was on the thick side though not chewy. The dipping sauce was a reddish vinegar though not red wine vinegar. And there wasn’t much soup (or broth) inside but rather lots of meat filling. There was no detectable leakage. The flavor was fine, not something to shout about. And though the waitress warned about the temperature of the filling, I was able to bite into it right away with with no problem. It definitely was not piping hot as it should be.

The salt and pepper squid, on the other hand, was magnificent. Though the calamari was cut large, they were very tender with a thin, crispy batter, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and fried garlic (and a hint of five spice), and served on a bed of shredded cabbage. This was so good that we ordered another plate. I could see just ordering this dish alone.

Salt and pepper squid

317 Northwest Gilman Boulevard
Issaquah, WA 98027


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