Macadamia Nuts at Tropical Farms (Kane’ohe, HI)

   Macadamia nut trees

Though originally from Australia, the macadamia nut here in the U.S. is associated with the Hawaiian Islands. Just look around the confection section of most supermarkets, and you’re bound to find chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. Several species of the nut are toxic to humans unless specially treated, but the edible varieties are quite delicious, meaty and oily.

We stopped at Tropical Farms, where you can take tours and buy all kinds of macadamia products as well as Kona coffee and souvenirs. Employees also demonstrate how to crack open the nut on a log with a rock. The farm has stately, mature trees on the property, which require 7-10 years after planting to bear fruit. This is a pleasant stop if you have the time.

When ripe, macadamia nuts rattle inside their seeds

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