Dinner at Greenwood Mandarin (Bellevue, WA)—CLOSED

Jam bong noodles

In a standalone building that used to be occupied by Turkey House many years ago, it has since changed hands and become Greenwood Mandarin, a Chinese restaurant with an extensive menu. It has changed hands twice itself, although the name has been retained. It doesn’t appear to draw much of a Chinese clientele, mainly supported by the lunch crowd from the nearby Bellevue campus of Boeing and the guests who stay at the motel on the same parking lot.

What we really do like here are the soup noodles. These are among the best you can get here on the Eastside. My absolute favorite is the jahm bong noodles (☆☆☆☆), which are not Chinese, but rather Korean in origin. In fact, there are several items on the menu that are Korean, occasionally including complimentary kimchee, perhaps snuck into the repertoire by Simon, who I gather is the chef and perhaps Korean himself or one of the many ethnic Chinese who immigrated to Korea and developed a distinctive cuisine there. The noodles here are quite special. The owner claims that they are made from scratch in-house. They certainly have the texture to back that claim up. Then, there is the broth—a spicy (though not exceedingly so) and savory concoction that glows red with gochuchang chili paste, a broth with depth and not overly salted. Jahm bong is technically a spicy seafood noodle soup but here consists of squid, perfectly cooked, and slices of tender pork with green onions, brown onions, carrots, bok choy and jalapeño peppers, all sliced, to round out the soup. A single bowl is more than enough to feed me, as I always feel stuffed after finishing one.

My wife likes the pork and pickled mustard noodle soup. The same wonderful noodles and the same tender slivers of pork. Pickled mustard greens and slivered bamboo shoots round out the ingredients, all swimming in a delicious broth.

Pork and pickled mustard noodle soup

Getting to the restaurant is a bit tricky. Drive into the motel parking lot from 156th Ave SE and turn left immediately, following the outer edge of the property until you come to Greenwood.

Greenwood Mandarin Chinese Cuisine (**CLOSED**)
3303 156th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98007


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  1. 11/4/12 – I went back tonight for the jahm bong noodles again. Thankfully, it is just as good as ever. The noodles are not listed in the regular menu but is on the take-out menu. If you want to try a bowl, just ask for it.


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