Valley of the Gods (AZ)

After leaving Natural Bridges National Monument, we had to descend the spectacular and cliff-hugging Moki Dugway, down almost 2000 ft, in order to get to Mexican Hat, where we stayed the night. The dugway was carved out of the cliffs for uranium-mining trucks back in 1958 to get from the mine at Fry Canyon to the mill in Mexican Hat. As you descend the series of sharp gravel switchbacks, you get a good look at the Valley of the Gods below, which looks a lot like Monument Valley.

We took the unimproved dirt and gravel drive that wends its way through the Valley of the Gods to get a closer look at the spectacular buttes. Storm clouds overhead, the first we encountered on our trip, gave this isolated, sparsely travelled road a foreboding atmosphere.

If Monument Valley’s iconic symbolism is not important or tourist crowds an irritation, you might find Valley of the Gods just the ticket. You can wander around here to your heart’s content.

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